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Siemens AG: BW Report Development

Siemens AG: Developing reports for R&D projects in SAP BW


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Developing reports for R&D projects in BW

Business Area(s):

Business Intelligence


Develop a set of extensive reports for R&D projects (research and development projects) in BW that will replace their existing Excel solution. Of particular interest are those R&D projects with cost center settled values. The plan must also be separated according to the settlement cost center. This distribution has to be performed in BW on the basis of extracted settlement rules. Setting up the data model in BW, data extraction from R/3(module PS), defining BW queries, and creating BW workbooks with a predefined layout.


In the first stage, PIKON checked which data could be transferred over to BW using standard extractors. For the required settlement rules, no extractor existed in the Business Content; therefore, custom extractors would be generated.

Subsequently, PIKON implemented the data model in BW, whereby the necessary objects and update logic were defined. In order to be able to show plan data distributed to the settlement cost centers, custom code during the data update had to be implemented. Periodically scheduled process chains to control the loading process were created.

In the reporting area, PIKON developed a set of predefined standard analyses. BEx queries would be integrated into workbooks possessing a special layout. To provide the users with flexibility, PIKON delivered ‘power user training’, which covered aspects of query and workbook definition. This empowered certain users with the skills to create custom queries and workbooks for themselves and others.

Since the data within the reports is authorisation sensitive, PIKON developed an authorisation concept with the customer to control users’ access to the data.

Following a successful implementation, technical documentation was written for Siemens I.T. department.

The following activities were carried out by PIKON:

  • Conceptual design and technical documentation
  • Conceptual design of the user authorization concept
  • Data extraction from SAP R/3 (incl. the development of custom extractors)
  • Data modeling, design and process control in SAP BW
  • Mapping of complex logic via custom coding in update rules in BW
  • Reporting in Business Explorer Analyzer (queries and workbooks)