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Paul Wurth: US & Canada SAP ERP Roll-Out

Paul Wurth: USA & Canada SAP ERP Roll-Out


Paul Wurth Inc. (USA), Paul Wurth Ltd. (Canada), Paul Wurth S.A. (Luxembourg)


SAP ERP Roll-Out to sites in the USA and Canada

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PIKON launched a roll-out of SAP R/3 in Luxembourg for the North American Paul Wurth subsidiaries in the USA and Canada, adapting the existing processes to local requirements (e.g. the accounting principles to US GAAP), translating all system settings and documentations into English and training the users. The project went live after only four months, including the FI, CO, PS, MM and SD modules.


PIKON provided the following services during the project:

  • Project Management
  • Workshops for Roll-Out
  • Creation of the Blueprint
  • Key-user training
  • Customising, especially US GAAP
  • Tax determination in USA and Canada
  • Cost of sales accounting
  • Form layout
  • On-site user training
  • Data migration
  • On-site end-user support after going live
  • On-site support during first month-end closing