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BMW Financial Services: BW Backup & Recovery

BMW Financial Services: BW Backup & Recovery


BMW Financial Services


Modelling and implementing a backup and recovery scenario in SAP Business Warehouse.

Business Area(s):

Business Intelligence


The goal of this project consisted of implementing a suitable backup and recovery scenario for various InfoCubes. Data should be automatically backed-up on a daily basis in the background, but could also be started manually using a GUI program. Recovery of data in the case of a loss should also be possible with a GUI program.


The following activities were carried out by PIKON throughout the course of this project:

  • Design of a concept.
  • Modelling the backup InfoCubes and their corresponding update rules (including implementing start-routines).
  • Implementation of a program that starts the backup and recovery runs, and records the implemented steps (program-controlled creation, starting, and monitoring of InfoPackages).
  • Implementation of process-chains to automatically start backup runs (including the creation of InfoPackages).
  • Implementation of an automatic e-mail notification service, which runs in the event of errors during a backup run.