Business goes on

We are here for you!

In these times when everything is suddenly different and both our personal and professional lives seem to have been paralysed, the health and well-being of our customers, partners and employees is of particular concern to us.

As a result, the vast majority of employees throughout the PIKON International Consulting Group now work from home, in accordance with the recommendations and rules laid down by local health authorities.

Working remotely is not new to us - we’re still here for you.

  • Our employees continue to support projects remotely and ensure project success.
  • Our technical infrastructure ensures secure and reliable access to PIKON and customer systems, enabling us to continue our high-quality work.
  • The intensive, interdisciplinary exchange within PIKON is maintained through regular online meetings.


We take your business further

How you can use the crisis now

We can help you to ensure that the crisis does not mean standing still:


  • We continue to support you in all strategic, technical and organizational questions , and can show you how to use the current situation and time in a positive way –  putting your businesses and operations on solid footing for the future.
  • Analyse and evaluate your processes – e.g. do they also work in times of crisis?
  • Prepare yourself in a targeted and focused manner for an S/4HANA conversion – housekeeping on your current system is also an option (e.g. cleaning up master data, converting Business Partners, performing a readiness check, etc.)
  • Deepen your knowledge of AI and machine learning to analyse your data.
  • Use your data for automation and optimisation of processes by using AI in conjunction with ERP systems.

We can also offer our advice and experience in the digital world, particularly with regards to working from home.


  • If you need consultants or developers to ensure the support and maintenance of your processes, programs and developments, we are available.
  • Managed Services: We offer a wide range of SAP support if you are short of resources. Using our helpdesk tool, requirements are submitted and managed with service-level agreements and ticketing systems, if required.
  • Together with our partner, Take ASP, we also offer flexible hosting and application management solutions.


  • We will continue to offer webinars and online workshops on various topics
  • You can follow the latest updates on our blog