About Us

PIKON UK Limited - SAP Projects, Implementation, Support, Maintenance

About Us

PIKON UK Limited

PIKON UK Ltd is an SAP consultancy based in Castle Donington. With UK-based consultants who are experts in their field, we provide both our national and international customers with a refreshing and honest approach to SAP, whilst bridging the gap between IT, Business and People. 

PIKON International Consulting Group

The PIKON International Consulting Group is comprised of PIKON Deutschland AG, PIKON Benelux NV and PIKON UK Ltd. For more than 20 years, we have provided our customers with consultancy services in the overlapping areas of Communication, Business and Information Technology. We share common values of trust, responsibility, autonomy, honesty, focus, dedication and quality. We follow a joint strategy and are constantly striving for growth.

Our success is based on our long-term perspective. This applies to our customers, who we want to inspire over and over again; and to our employees, to whom we offer a long-term professional outlook.

We provide consulting in the areas of Management Consulting, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence (BI) and Custom Development.

The 3-point consulting approach

The core of our strategy is the 3-point approach - people, business management and Information Technology. There are significant inter-dependencies between these dimensions, and these have never been clearer than in the age of digital transformation.

Business processes, business models and business management methods are changing rapidly. There is a wealth of new tools and possibilities, and it is crucial that people use these to design and refine processes. If this is achieved, companies become winners of the digital transformation. We want to face up to this challenge. In each and every project. Together with our clients. Therefore, our mission statement is:

  • We believe that vast potential lies at the interface between business and IT.
  • We are experts in IT, business consulting and communication.
  • We are convinced a consulting company has to combine these skills in order to solve complex problems.
  • We enjoy creating running systems and solutions.
  • We aim to serve people inside and outside of PIKON

Involve. Inspire. Improve.

  • We involve employees and users at the interface between IT and business management requirements. Our comprehensive specialist sector, business and (SAP) technology knowledge translates into growth and efficiency for our customers.
  • We inspire, enthuse and act across all disciplines, creating cross-departmental acceptance. This fosters innovation and the best possible IT foundation for your business processes.
  • We improve not only processes and systems, but also your long-term competitiveness and performance.